Thursday, February 23, 2017

ESSA February Update

A lot has been happening in the education world lately! I thought I would update you on what is happening at both the federal and state level in regard to ESSA.

Federal Level
The federal government has regulations they put forward that help define the ESSA law. Three in particular were put forward at the end of 2016.
1.    The new administration has put a 60-day pause on the Accountability, Data Reporting and State Plans Regulation that Obama’s administration signed in December.  The House of Representatives voted to repeal this regulation. If it is repealed by Congress, the new administration will not be allowed to put anything similar forward.  As part of this, DeVos has sent a letter out saying that states should continue to develop their plans according to this regulation.
2.   Assessment Rulemaking put forth from Obama Administration went into effect in January.
3.   The Supplement Not Supplant Proposed Rulemaking was withdrawn by the Obama administration.

State level
1.    There is currently an open commentary period for Possible Indicators of School Quality and Student Success.  All stakeholders are encouraged to participate in the survey- NYSED ESSA Website. Translations are available in Spanish, Chinese and Arabic. Survey will close on March 20th.
2.   Additionally, the state is having more Regional meetings to develop the State Plan.  Find out where your local meeting is on the NYSED ESSA Website .  Please remember that while the meetings are open to the public, there is limited space available so you will need to request a seat and receive an RSVP from the meeting organizer. In our area, the organizer is Jennifer Spong and the meeting is on March 8 at 5 pm at 110 Elwood Davis Road in Liverpool, NY.
Topics that will be covered:
a.   Challenging Academic Standards- Pilot programs
b.   Supporting EL- Accountability options for EL students
c.    Supporting Excellent Educators- Preparation, mentoring, professional support of new teachers and administrators
d.   Accountability Measurements and Methodologies- Possible indicators/long-term goals for school quality and student success, methods of setting interim goals, weight of different measures, use of the measures by NYSED to differentiate schools
e.   Supports and Improvements for Identified Schools

3.   Updated State Plan Timeline
a.   February March- Public commentary survey and regional meetings
b.   May 10- June 9- Public comment of State Plan
c.    July- Plan presented to Board of Regents
d.   July- August- Plan submitted to Governor
e.   Sept 18- deadline to submit state plan to USDE

Please make your voice heard and participate in these public forums! Remember that you can
1.   Take the current survey
2.   Participate in the Winter Regional Meeting

3.   Add to the public commentary in May/June on the final state plan

If you would like to participate on a Liverpool Central School District ESSA Think Tank please let me know!

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