Thursday, December 22, 2016

ESSA and New York State


Now that you know a little more about ESSA, you may be wondering what this means for New York.  All of the states have been tasked with creating a state accountability plan that needs to be submitted to USDE on either April 3 or September 18, 2017.   States must address the following areas:
·            Standards and assessments
·            Student and School Achievement Indicators
·            School Identification
·            School Improvement Plans

Because of the late date, most funding for this 2016-2017 school year will be administered following the NCLB guidelines.  There are many steps involved with submitting the state plan, that include making sure all stakeholders- the public, the governor as well as the Board of Regents- have sufficient time to comment on the draft plan, make necessary changes and resubmit.  

Tentative Timeline:
·            December- NYSED will present High Concept Ideas to Board of Regents
·            Jan- February- Public engagement through field surveys and regional meetings
·            May 8-9- NYSED presents draft plan to Board of Regents
·            May 10- June 9- Public comment on the Draft Plan, including open regional meetings (March 20-April 7)
·            July- NYSED presents plan with changes to Board of Regents
·            July- submit plan to Governor
·            September- Final approval by Board of Regents
·            September 18- Submit State Plan to USDE


In order to maximize stakeholder feedback, NYSED has created a think tank that includes representation from over 100 different groups across the state. These groups represent teachers, parents, counselors, districts and so many others that are having an impact in student lives.

The New York State Education Think tank
·            Ensures stakeholder input
·            Helps review the new requirements and opportunities
·            Provides recommendations. 

Topics that are being addressed include
·            Characteristics of a Highly Effective School
·            Guiding Principles
·            High Concept Ideas
·            State Accountability Plan

The Think Tank meets every month (on our snow day in December- yikes!), as both a large group and divided into six subgroups.  These subgroups are:
·            Accountability Measurements and Methodology
·            Challenging Academic Standards and Academic Assessments
·            Supporting Excellent Educators
·            Supporting English learners (EL)
·            Support and Improvements for Schools
·            Supporting All Students

I have been assigned to the Support and Improvements for Schools and we have been spending a lot of time looking at what will, in the future, make a school a “priority” or “focus” and what their action plans may look like. 

Within the large group, we have been assessing 36 High Concept Ideas and if they should remain, be removed or be modified.

It is all so interesting and I am learning so much through this whole process!  If you have any questions or comments, please let me know!

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